Senate Standing Committee on Finance && Budget: The Public-Private Partnership A

Senate Standing Committee on Finance && Budget: The Public-Private Partnership Amendment Bill 2017

The Senate held a public participation on the public, private partnership amendment bill 2017 led by Wajir Senator Hon. Mohammed Yusuf Haji.

The meeting was to read the proposed amendment bill 2017 and to give room for the public to gives their views on it.

On his part, H.E. Jackson Mandago who was also present cited that the principal sector should be consulting with the County Governments in order to reduce work on the treasury by giving them a clear report.

He also said that County Governments should also be given the privilege of borrowing from the private sector like the National Government.

“We are good investors and therefore we will ensure ease of doing business. Local investors should be given priority to utilize government resources as this creates certainty, harmonization of things and it enhances conflict resolution.” He added.

He further stated that this matter should be looked into by ensuring safety nets and facilitating counties to carry out the Public, Private Partnerships (PPP) and ensure viability.
Dr. Emily Kogos the County Executive in charge of ICT, Trade and Industrialization, pointed out that there should be effective management of waivers in terms of concession.

Other concerns that were pointed out during the meeting were as follows;
• Public participation should be included in the bill,
• The public should be able to access information after the County Government has entered into agreements with the private sector

• Local investors should be given a priority over international investors.

Finally, the governor suggested that CESS and branding of vehicles is becoming a challenge thus the Senate should intervene and give a framework in order to broaden the revenue base and reduce trans-county boundary levies.


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